My services


Text translation with language combinations English, German, Dutch → Italian. 

Interpreting during meetings, consultations and negotiations. I am available for business trips and provide support to technical staff working abroad (for example during the installation of machinery). Language combinations: English, German ↔ Italian.

Translation proofreading and text review with regard to spelling, grammar and style. Languages: Italian, German, English, Dutch.

Great technical interpreting service both at the company location and abroad during visits to customers. Accuracy and competence is ensured even with the most technical terminology.

It is really a pleasure to work with such a nice and reliable translator as you.

Anna Giulia is the ideal partner for perfect Italian translations, no matter if it is about a few lines or long specialized texts that require in-depth research. She is very precise even under time pressure, very flexible and available also in urgent situations.

Ms. Musso always delivered superior quality work, even under difficult conditions and facing deadline pressure.

We have been working with Ms. Musso since 2011 and we appreciate her fast deliveries, her kindness and the quality of her translations in different specialized fields (technology, medical technology, marketing and many others). We cooperate for the language combinations German → Italian and English → Italian. Punctual deliveries and customer orientation are her priority.

Anna Giulia has collaborated with me for several projects and the feedback is always great. The quality of her work is unquestionable, she is a very reliable and professional translator.

My fields of specialization


Rheumatology, medical technology, diagnostic equipment, laboratory tests, publications for patients, training materials.


Declarations of conformity, brochures, installation and user manuals of machines (e.g. winding machines, mills, centrifuges, filtering systems, refrigerating machines, molds for pressing machines, electrical devices).


Installation and maintenance manuals for motors and bodywork, brochures, technical data sheets, press releases.


Articles for tourism promotion, tourist destinations, hotel websites.


Letters, e-mails, sales conditions, orders, quotations, commercial presentations.


Localization for websites.

How I work

I translate only into my mother tongue (Italian) in order to ensure the best quality of the target text, not only considering the adherence to the meaning of the source text, but also with regard to style and semantic nuances.

The quality of my work has the highest priority for me: I focus on the full meaning of the text I am translating and I transfer it accurately into my mother tongue in order to avoid literal or unclear expressions.

I use computer-assisted translation software (CAT tools) to create translation memories and terminological databanks. This allows me to ensure the terminological consistency across the different assignments for the same client. This consistency is of crucial importance especially for technical documentation. I work mainly with SDL Trados Studio.